Conor Chalk | Cinematographer



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COMPANIES / BRANDS  Toyota, Royal Marines, Fila, Spotify, Hulu, G-Shock, Google, Netflix, Converse, JD, HP, Adidas, Nike, Visit Britain, Currys & PC World, Visit Britain, Wella, WOWHydrate, Knowlita, Kenwood, So-sensational, Leechi, My Taxi, Beavertown, Watu, Pret A Manger, TSB, Just so, Papaya films, We are Kash, Adjust your set, Oliver, DMB, Thousand Heads, Kode Media, Progress film, Greatcoat films, Believe Media, Sony Music, 1000 heads, Beast London, Objekt Films, Milk Money, Deadbeat films. 

DIRECTORS: Amy Becker-Burnett, James Lovick, Jack A. Bowden, Chris Fowles, Sophie King, Neron Power, Dir. LUX, Hellena Charlton-Jones, Craig Capone, Simon Alveranga, Daniel French, Alice Brine, Hamish Stephenson, Danny Chan, Ben Lankester, Elliot Simpson, Crooked Cynics, Olly Starkey, Jack Barraclough, 

EDUCATION Media Production at BMC, followed by a Bachelors of the Arts in Cinematography under the guidance of Witold Stock BSC at the prestigious Bournemouth Film School.